Our Story

It's all about the robots

After years of trying to create educational sites for robotics, two things became clear. Firstly, creating content is hard and time-consuming. Creating all the content we wanted to produce was taking forever. Secondly, there are so many other people out there who’ve already created similar content, so why reinvent it all? Some of it is great. Some of it, not so much.

Our goal in creating this site is to curate the best robotics learning resources we can find and make it easy to access and consume.

Can't I just find all this stuff on YouTube?

Most of it, yes!

And that’s kind of the point of this site. YouTube is colossal. It contains probably most of the robotics training you’ll ever need. But it also contains dancing ducks and endless clips of Jerry Springer and the Graham Norton Show.

If you want to stay focussed on learning your craft, you need to be on a site with no distractions. It also helps that you can easily keep track of all the training series you’re interested in and how much progress you’ve made on each.


  • Our focus is purely on robotics
  • Avoid off-topic distractions (kittens, celebrity gossip)
  • Everything is all in one place
  • You’ll get a clear indication of progress on each course or series
  • This provides a good overall sense of achievement
  • We save you time searching for high-quality content


  • More exposure to people interested in your topic
  • We give full credit to you, of course
  • We endorse you as an expert in your field
  • We provide links to your other content and main site where applicable
  • Students are more likely to seek out more of your work
  • Your instructional content can be found easily